HANAJANA | Care instructions

Our swimwear are all hand made and unique, therefore we recommend you to follow the below care instructions with extra love and care to ensure you get the best life out of your bikinis:

  • Do not soak the swimwear
  • Rinse thoroughly but carefully any sand particles
  • Do not use excessive chlorine (discoloration may occur)
  • Do not iron or dry clean
  • Dry it flat!
  • Do not twist out your bikini in order to remove water excess
  • Do not leave your bikini rolled up in a towel or a bag after use
  • Be careful when using any oils and other sun lotions. Some sunscreen lotions, tanning products and dark tanning oils may mark and damage your bikini. Make sure those products are completely dry before wearing your swimwear
  • Pay special attention to our "Michaela Turquoise" edition. This color is extra sensitive and get marked/dirty very easily. We recommend that you do not wear the swimwear in the sea


When wearing your swimwear, please be mindful of the surfaces you are sitting on or leaning against. Rough abrasive surfaces can damage the soft, smooth surface of the delicate nylon/spandex fabric.

We recommend that you do not wear your swimwear in treated, over chlorinated and over heated spa baths/pools. This may cause the colors to fade away.


1 - Rinse immediately: After going in the sea or in the pool make sure to rinse your bikini gently in cold water. The longer the fabric is exposed to salt water or chlorine, the more likely it is to damage your swimwear.

2 - Hand wash: You surely want to keep your bikini as long as possible, therefore only hand wash them after every use in cold water. Be mindful to not use harsh laundry detergent, fabric softener or bleach. Do not toss your swimwear in the washing machine (even though it is an easier solution).

3 - Lay flat to dry: Do not put your swimwear in the dryer nor twist them out, as these may cause your swimwear to stretch out losing shape and colors. Instead, you should lay your swimwear flat to let it dry naturally in the shade.


Alternate your swimsuits

Spandex fabric has memory property in order to best fit your body, therefore we recommend that you alternate and do not wear the same swimwear everyday. Once hand wash and dry in the shade, let the swimwear rest 24 hours to recover its original shape.

Please note that despite using high quality materials, all colors naturally fade in time due to wearing, swimming, sunbathing.

Men’s swim trunks

Men’s swimwear does not have the same elastics that women’s do, so they can typically be washed in the washing machine.

Check the label to make sure it’s machine-washable. If it’s not, wash it by hand. Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle using a bleach-free detergent. When the wash cycle is complete, tightly roll the swim trunks to remove any excess water, then lay flat to dry.