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Life is a journey!
Hana - Owner of HANAJANA
Dreamer, traveler, swimwear enthusiast

Hi, my name is Hana and I am the older half of the duo HANA&JANA. I split my time between Bali, the Czech Republic, and France. At HANAJANA, I handle communication with the seamstresses and workshop, production orders, correspondence, all customer service, package preparation, logistics from Bali, arranging photoshoots, scouting models, new collaborations, and most importantly, managing our Instagram and your orders. My hobbies include fashion, traveling, movies, good food, and Eurovision.

Message to customers: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every order and the support you've showered us with over the past 6 years.

Favorite swimsuits: Alexa top, Viktorie bottom. Favorite colors: Army and batik.
To live without a goal is like going on a trip without knowing where.
Jana - Owner of HANAJANA
Driven, swimwear lover, passionate reader

Hi, my name is Jana and I am the younger half of the duo HANA&JANA. I live in the Czech Republic, where I am in my fourth year of studies at Newton University. At HANAJANA, I take care of your packages. Each one passes through my hands. I handle logistics in the Czech Republic, storage, personal fittings, administrative tasks, and swimwear photos for Instagram stories. My hobbies include reading, walks, my dog, anime/kdramas, and chilling in the sun.

Message to customers: Thank you so much to everyone who supports us on this adventurous journey. Doing what we love has always been our dream, and thanks to you, it has been coming true for the past 6 years.

Favorite swimsuits: Wendy top, Wendy bottom. Favorite colors: Army, fish.
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Believe in your dreams.
Steven - Web Developer/Photographer
Workaholic, passionate surfer, talented photographer, skilled web developer

An important addition to our team, Steven is originally from France and has been with us since the beginning of HANAJANA. At that time, he was our biggest support and helped us kickstart our business. He now takes care of our website, which he specially created for us, marketing, advertisements, and all graphics from business cards to flyers. He is also our resident photographer. His hobbies include boxing and surfing, which he fell in love with on the island of Bali.

Favorite swimsuit: Steven kiwi.
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Traveling and exploring the world is life.
Marketka - HANAJANA Ambassador

A satisfied customer turned ambassador, Marketka has been collaborating with us for 2 years. Her photos always receive an enormous response. She is a beautiful girl who loves traveling, sports, and her pictures always bring a smile to our faces.

Favorite swimsuits: Michaela top, Jana bottom. Favorite colors: Light blue and baby pink (can't choose which one more).
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Believe in yourself. Everything that is meant to be will come at the right moment.
Terezka - HANAJANA Ambassador

We have been working with Terezka since the founding of our brand. She became the owner of the first swimwear pattern, and over time, her collection has grown significantly. It was only a matter of time before Terezka became an ambassador. Her IG profile, @tere.fu, is inspirational, motivational, and full of great workouts and recipes. We definitely recommend following her.

Favorite swimsuits: Wendy top, Viktorie bottom. Favorite colors: Batik and palm.
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Live every day as if it were your last.
Nicol - HANAJANA Ambassador

A loyal customer turned ambassador, Nicol caught our attention with her beautiful creations, love for our swimwear, and amazing communication skills. IG profile: @nicol.friml.

Favorite swimsuits: Michaela/Alexa top, Wendy bottom. Favorite colors: Batik and eco red.
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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving forward.
Jakub - HANAJANA Ambassador

To ensure that men are well-represented this year, we present to you another male ambassador, Jakub. He is Terezka's partner. IG profile: @jamiee.ko. He focuses on a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Amazing photos in our swimwear are a must :)

Favorite swimsuit: Steven. Favorite colors: Batik and blue.