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Round Ata Grass Bag Black

699 Kč

The Ata Grass (which belongs to the family of the Rattan Palm) is 100% handmade, in Bali from balinese women using ancient techniques, therefore every bag is unique. All the bags are natural, traditional and eco friendly. Each bag has a print lining inside.

These beautiful bags are handcrafted from Ata Grass, which comes from a forest in eastern Bali. This grass is moisture resistant and very durable.

The bag's aroma/smell is a proof of authenticity, contrary to the non-original ones that don't have it.

Material: Handwoven Rattan, genuine leather strap and leather clip
Measurements: 20 cm x 7,5 cm (diameter 20 cm)
Leather Strap: Approximately 120 cm

Czech republic
2 - 5 business days99 KčStandard
4 - 10 business days159 KčStandard
5 - 10 business days213 KčStandard
15 - 30 business days300 KčStandard
7 - 21 business days300 Kč

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